Securing and protecting remote access users is a daunting and challenging task for most network administrators and enterprises. Existing security solutions have limited capabilities to adapt, scale and meet changing security landscapes.

The SIA solution comprises a high-performance security platform that leverages a dynamic cooperative system and network-wide visibility and control in order to adapt to changing risks.

Business Case

Cybercriminals who have compromised legitimate user accounts can laterally move throughout an organization until they reach their objective.


Try to establish normal baseline patterns of the user and their peers that can then help to identify unusual anomalous behavior


Use existing open source big data technology to collect sensor data in real-time

Detecting anomalous behavior with unsupervised and supervised learning models in SIA


  • Baseline user activity from VPN entry into organization
  • Detect statistical deviation from the norm, i.e, z score
  • Machine Learning to detect patterns of malicious behavior