Here is an overview of Elysium Technical Support offerings. Our staff of highly trained support engineers is available to assist with a successful implementation and ongoing maintenance of your Elysium solution.

Our online library contains a wealth of information, including answers to technical questions, product documentation, training material, product updates, security analytics subscription and more. If you do not have this information, please contact us

Elysium is committed to providing our customers with technical expertise to help ensure the uptime of mission critical applications. Elysium offers two levels of support: Standard and Premium. The chart below describes services included in each level:

Issue Severity Definition and Response Times

Severity Initial Response Target (premium / standard) Status Updates (premium / standard) Fix / Workaround Target Solution
S1 2 hours / 12 hours 6 hours / daily Continuous effort until workaround provided or patch created Patch, if required. Fix included in next release
S2 6 hours / 1 day Daily / every 2 days Ongoing reasonable efforts during regular business hours to resolve error Patch, if required. Fix included in next release
S3 1 day / 1 day As Appropriate Reasonable commercial efforts to resolve problem during regular business hours.

Severity 1: Major Service Disruption. An error that renders the software inoperative or causes catastrophic failure in a production environment, including any error which prevents or severely restricts existing data loading or production data querying processes and results in a significant number of Licensee users being unable to access or use the Software.

Severity 2: Significant Service Disruption. An error that significantly degrades performance of the software or materially restricts Licensee’s use of the functionality of the software in a production environment.

Severity 3: Moderate Service Disruption. An error that causes only a minor impact on Licensee’s use of the Software (or an error which would be a Severity 1 Error or Severity 2 error if the system experiencing the error were in a production environment).

For license issues, please contact your Elysium account manager. If you don’t know have their contact details, send an email to and your email will be answered immediately.