Product Name: Threat Hunter

Cyber criminals often dwell inside an organization's network for months, sometimes years, before being detected. Despite significant investment in defensive technologies, malware and persistent threats continue to breach these defenses and gain a foothold into targeted organizations.

Security teams need to employ proactive threat hunting tactics to protect against increasingly sophisticated and hidden advanced persistent threat(APT) attacks. Elysium’s Threat-Hunter product provides an easy to use, scalable proactive threat detection solution designed to catch what prevention and detection technologies miss and mitigate the damage that can be caused from prolonged unauthorized access.

Built on top of the Socrates Security Analytics platform, Threat Hunter has been purpose-built to reduce cyber-criminal dwell time by allowing security teams to proactively search for unusual behavior through the use of a powerful analytics platform that combs through big data generated throughout the organization.

Key Benefits:

  • Deep contextual knowledge gleaned from raw data.
  • Proactively discover the presence of hidden malware and advanced persistent threats
  • Able to survey thousands of endpoints simultaneously
  • Detect threats faster and reduce investigation time from hours to minutes.
  • Survey your network, endpoints, servers and applications to discover unknown security breaches, malware and signs of unauthorized access.
  • Validate security alerts to reduce false positives.

For more information: Threat Hunter DataSheet