Our Purpose

Elysium Analytics was founded to take the nonsense out of cybersecurity and exploit open source tools for ongoing innovation to solve nasty security issues facing today’s enterprises. As long-time, veteran cybersecurity professionals, as we worked together at previous security companies, we experienced firsthand the mess IT security professionals face on a regular basis dealing with ineffective, coin-operated analytics tools focused mostly on enriching security vendors. Leveraging the new open source tools, we knew we could do much, much better at a lower cost. We decided to fix it.

We are driven by the belief that cybersecurity should be smart, scalable, and effective, with as much accurate automation as possible. We combined ML/AI, behavioral analytics, open source, and Big Data to bring a solution to market that effectively addresses dynamic security threats, both of today and tomorrow. Our passion is to secure IT infrastructures while also dramatically improving the efficiency of security professionals with enhanced analytics accuracy and automation.

With strong backing from a leading IT company, System Soft Technologies, our vision is to provide cybersecurity professionals with modern open source tools to detect polymorphic threats while delivering unmatched accuracy and scalability. Building on our combined 60 years of cybersecurity experience, we enable our customers to quickly deploy, easily manage, and rapidly scale as they grow their business processes.

If you’d like to see our Cognitive Security Analytics in action, discuss produce improvements, or chat about trends in cybersecurity, drop us a line on our contact us page.

Our Culture

Elysium culture is centered on two things:

  • Build great products that customers love
  • Have fun doing it

Everyone works together on both of these. We operate in a fast-paced, dynamic startup environment that is hyper-focused on customer success. We have a very open culture where we all talk together and pull in the same direction. Our flexible environment helps us get the most out of everyone’s efforts and over-deliver on market commitments.

We bring the same approach to our partnerships. We have developed very tight technology integration with leading Big Data and analytics companies but also work hard to make sure that our relationship is smooth and is transparent to our customers.

Our team celebrates successes, brushes each other off when we get tripped up, but keeps pushing forward to make a seminal change in the cybersecurity market. We know that what we do can have a huge impact on keeping our customer’s data safe and we take that responsibility seriously but also use it to motivate our efforts to meet customer goals.

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