Endpoint Protection

An organization has to accept that not all traffic on users’ devices will go through corporate security controls. In many cases, the organization may not have device control to enforce a specific endpoint security solution due to roaming and remote users.Opportunistic attackers have increasingly used socially-engineered emails sent to corporate email accounts to compromise user. Once compromised, the endpoint can give up a mountain of an organization’s information along with access credentials that are keys to critical systems and data.

The best defense is a layered security approach that includes best-in-class security solutions on the endpoint, signature matching, and other processes that can inspect traffic going to and from the device. Additionally, it’s essential to detect and protect against email-delivered threats early in their lifecycle to prevent or minimize loss.

However, with the explosion of both the volume and sources, facilities, and providers of data, real-time monitoring, analyzing, and mitigating endpoint threats has become increasingly impossible.

Elysium Cognitive Security Analytics uses existing open source big data technology to collect sensor data in real-time and machine learning to identify true attacks so that mitigation can be undertaken as early as possible. Our solution monitors employee behavior in real-time to stop data theft, fraud, policy violations and other malicious activities.

  • Advanced analytics and Machine Learning to monitor employee behavior in real-time
  • Big Data technology to aggregate data from multiple sources to simplify analysis across multiple sources
  • Faster identification and remediation
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