Professional Services

Elysium Professional Services helps to accelerate and optimize your Elysium implementation. Our consultants assist with everything from installation, to configuration and systems administration operations, to creating custom solutions. We can also review your requirements and provide architecture design recommendations. For more information, please contact

Basic Quickstart Package

The Basic Quickstart implementation service bundle is expressly designed to enable new Elysium customers to deploy our Cognitive Security Analytics quickly, receive core on-site training, and immediately start using the product, thereby realizing rapid time-to-compliance. The service includes the following components:

  • Installation and configuration of the Elysium Cognitive Security Analytics
  • Elysium Systems Administration and Analytics classes
  • Configuration and delivery of baseline analytics included with one analytics package
  • Installation and configuration of log sources, the number to be determined during the Engagement Planning Workshop
  • Configure 4 log sources or 10 with the Advanced Quickstart Package

All training for the product is managed, scheduled and conducted by Elysium. Elysium consultants are highly knowledgeable about our Cognitive Security Analytics, its implementation methodology, have trained customers and set up specific implementations for each customer. Our training documentation is designed to be complementary to our product documentation.

Each of the defined Elysium training courses is designed for no more than 10 persons per course.

  • Elysium will provide training manuals for each of the courses as part of the training costs
  • Training is built into project plan during kick-off
  • The customer is responsible for the setup and configuration of the training environment
Courses include:
Elysium System Administration

Training that addresses Elysium Cognitive Security operations, installation, configuration, and ongoing administration.

Elysium Analytics Development

Training on Elysium Analytics to create new analytics. Upon completion, students will be able to create analytics, schedule them to be automatically run, and utilize more advanced features such as report notebooks and combination analytics.

Elysium APIs

Training on basic concepts of Elysium SQL. Upon completion, students will be able to create Elysium queries using Elysium SQL and optimize performance via memory management and other techniques.

Elysium Basic Log Adapter

Training on basic concepts of Elysium Log Adapters supporting capturing unique and custom syslog-enabled application activity. Upon completion, students will be able to analyze, assess transport and create reports.

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