Security Assessment

In our effort to provide the best possible information security services, and to constantly evolve and improve those services, Elysium Analytics has partnered with Security Compliance Associates to form “Team Elysium.”


Team Elysium has delivered security-related solutions to a wide range of clients, including city, state and federal government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and a multitude of other types of organizations. Through the design and development of individually-customized programs derived from the client’s corporate structure, size, and primary IT initiatives, we have repeatedly met the latest regulatory requirements while facing complex threat environments.

One of the challenges to meet compliance is the sheer number of different guidelines that originate from both private and government agencies. To execute successfully, both members of Team Elysium utilize a wide range of methodologies as appropriate.


In the initial stages of our cyber security assignments, Team Elysium starts with the Cyber Security Risk Assessment. This analysis is carried out in order to accurately describe the organization’s cyber security posture as it relates to the NIST Cyber security Framework.

This is then followed by the evaluation of the primary components and sub-components of the client’s information architecture in correlation with the five Cyber Security Maturity Domains.

Following completion of this stage, a custom report that includes precise details surrounding each assessment discovery is generated.

Web App Assessment:

When the client engages Team Elysium, a number of automated and manual checks are performed to identify web application vulnerabilities. For this service, a combination of commercially-available tools and licensed software applications are employed. The evaluation of potential vulnerabilities in all types of web-based environments is facilitated by external-facing application testing and the incorporation of OWASP Top 10 guidelines.

Vulnerability Assessment & Pen Testing:

One of the most important information security initiatives an institution can undertake is Internal & External Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing.

Our highly-credentialed technicians, who are tasked with the evaluation and understanding of the organization’s entire network topology and configuration landscape, assure that Team Elysium delivers thorough assessments and finely-tuned analysis across all critical network assets.

This is assisted by the re-validation of assessment discoveries, and through the delivery of thorough, clear and concise reports. Similarly, remediation advice is provided.

As Team Elysium conducts both internal and external assessment work, we adhere to the client’s particular preferences, and always maintain the common goal of providing repeatable methodologies that conform to the appropriate regulatory guidelines.

Regulatory Compliance:

Team Elysium’s combination of services and solutions is based on constantly updating our knowledge base as it relates to regulatory and compliance issues. These include: Information Security Policy and Procedure Review, Development, and Maintenance; Information Security Awareness Training; Incident Response Plan; Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan; and Business Impact Analysis.

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